Blending product management with UX to lead cross-functional teams

I am a seasoned professional with a passion for product management and user experience leadership in the dynamic field of e-mobility. Throughout my career, I have successfully led cross-functional teams, applied user-centered design principles, and leveraged the Scrum framework to deliver innovative and impactful products.
Product Management: As a Product Manager, my primary goal is to shape and drive the product strategy. I excel at identifying market opportunities and user needs through thorough research and competitor analysis. By collaborating closely with stakeholders, such as product owners, business analysts, and CTO, by leading the team we transform these insights into a comprehensive product roadmap and vision. I ensure alignment between business goals and user requirements, delivering value through well-defined product features and functionalities.

Example: SaaS for B2B & B2B2C solution & Mobile application for EV charging​​​​​​​
Leading Cross-Functional Teams: Effective collaboration and coordination are vital to successful product development. I have a proven track record of leading diverse, cross-functional teams comprising designers, engineers, marketers, and other stakeholders. By fostering a culture of open communication and collaboration, I encourage the sharing of ideas and perspectives. With a focus on clear direction and shared goals, I motivate and empower teams to work cohesively towards delivering high-quality products on time and within budget. 
User Experience Leadership: Being a User Experience (UX) Leader, I bring a user-centric mindset to every project. Through extensive user research, I gain deep insights into user needs, pain points, and behaviors. Armed with this knowledge, I guide the design and development of intuitive and delightful user experiences. I collaborate closely with designers and developers, advocating for the user's perspective throughout the process. By championing usability, accessibility, and visual design, I ensure that our products meet and exceed user expectations.​​​​​​​
Scrum Framework: Working within the Scrum framework, I embrace Agile principles to drive product development. I am experienced in defining and prioritizing product backlogs, facilitating sprint planning sessions, and leading daily stand-ups, sprint reviews, and retrospectives. This iterative and incremental approach enables my teams to deliver value to users in shorter cycles. I am adept at adapting the Scrum framework to the specific needs of e-mobility projects, ensuring efficient and effective product development.​​​​​​​
Vision and Strategy Setting: As a strategic thinker, I understand the importance of setting a clear vision and long-term strategy for a product. I collaborate closely with stakeholders, including product owners, business analysts, and CTOs, to define the product's direction, goals, and objectives. Balancing user needs with business goals, I guide the team in making informed decisions and prioritizing features and enhancements. By providing a strong vision and strategic guidance, I ensure that our products are well-positioned to succeed in the competitive e-mobility market.

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