H E L L O!
Somewhere I read that introducing yourself is not about selling, but rather about sharing yourself. My resume should tell you something about my professional accomplishments,  but not so much about my beliefs and what I love to do.
My name is Karin and as I become older I realize that the things that move me fall into a vast category of creative field. My creativity is best seen through UX design, entrepreneurship, or DJing. What matters to me is to give my best at whatever I do. And that’s how one of my other passions is learning be it in a formal or informal environment.
I come from a multicultural family & diversity has proved to be an invigorating experience. I pride myself on an open mind and an open heart because I believe that if the mind & the heart are in the right place there are no limits to achieving greatness.
Lastly, I believe that great ideas come from listening. Let’s start a conversation.
Karin Bossman​​​​​​​
Field of interests: UX Design • Design Management • Branding • Innovation management • Corporate identity
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